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    Name: Annie LoCascio
    Grade Level: 6th & 7th Grade Math Teacher
    Room: 102 (upstairs)
    Phone: 201-327-2020 x2262

    ** Best way to contact me is through email **
    "Genesis" is my main form of communication.
              Under "Gradebook," then, select the
    "Course name"...it will list all assignments with any necessary information that is needed.
    Welcome to the
    2018-2019 School Year
    *Please note: For trimester 3, I will not accept late HWs.*
    ALSO.....any work that is missing due to absences, will be turned into zeroes if not turned in by May 1st 
    Remaining Extra Help Days for the Year: 
    6th graders: - Final Exam Fri. 6/14
    Tues. 6/4 @recess
    Fri. 6/7 @ 8:10am
    Tues. 6/11 @recess
    Fri. 6/14 @8:10am
    7th graders: - Final Exam Wed. 6/12
    Tues. 6/4 @recess
    Thurs. 6/6 @recess
    Tues. 6/11 @recess
    Wed. 6/12 @8:10am
    Extra Help: Week of 5/28: 
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 5/29 @recess
    7th graders: 
    Thurs. 5/30 @recess
    Extra Help: Week of 5/20: 
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 5/22 @recess
    Thurs. 5/23 @8:10am
    7th graders: 
    Mon. 5/20 @recess
    Tues. 5/21 @8:10am
    Extra Help: Week of 5/13: 
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 5/15 @recess
    7th graders: 
    Wed. 5/15 @recess
    Extra Help: Week of 5/8:
    State Testing all this week, so no extra help.
    Extra Help: Week of 4/29: 
    6th graders: 
    Tues. 4/30 @recess
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 4/30 @8:10am
    Extra Help: Week of 4/22: 
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 4/24 @recess
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 4/23 @8:10am (Morning of Test)
    Wed. 4/24 @recess
    Extra Help: Week of 4/8: 
    6th graders: 
    Tues. 4/9 @recess
    Wed. 4/10 @recess
    7th graders: 
    Mon. 4/8 @8:10am (I can't do recess...this had to change because I have a meeting during period 6)
    Tues. 4/9 @8:10am
    Extra Help: Week of 4/1: 
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 4/3 @recess
    Thurs. 4/4 @8:10am
    7th graders: 
    Mon. 4/1 @8:10am
    Thurs. 4/4 @recess
    Extra Help: Week of 3/25: 
    6th graders: 
    Fri. 3/29 @recess
    7th graders: 
    Fri. 3/29 @recess
    Extra Help: Week of 3/18: 
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 3/20-@recess
    Thurs. 3/21-@recess
    7th graders: 
    Mon. 3/18 @recess
    Tues. 3/19 @8:10am
    Extra Help: Week of 3/11: 
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 3/13-@recess
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 3/12 @recess
    Extra Help: Week of 3/4: 
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 3/6-@recess
    7th graders: 
    Mon. 3/4 @recess
    Tues. 3/5 @8:10am
    *There is no extra help the week of 2/25*
    Extra Help: Week of 2/11: 
    6th graders:
    Wed. 2/13-@recess
    7th graders: 
    SNOW DAY 2/12....QUIZ IS NOW FRIDAY 2/15
    Fri. 2/15 - @8:10am
    Extra Help: Week of 2/4: 
    6th graders: 
    Mon. 2/4-@recess *Had to cancel: called to lunch duty due to aides out*
    Thurs. 2/7-@8:10am
    7th graders: 
    Wed. 2/6-@8:10am
     Thurs. 2/7-@recess
    Extra Help: Week of 1/28: 
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 1/30-@recess
    Thurs. 1/31-@8:10am
    7th graders: 
    Mon. 1/28 @recess
    Tues. 1/29 @8:10am
    Wed. 1/30 @recess
    Extra Help: Week of 1/21: 
    6th graders: 
    Tues. 1/22 - @recess
    Fri. 1/25 - @8:10am 
    7th graders: 
    Wed. 1/23 @recess
    Thurs. 1/24 @recess
    Extra Help: Week of 1/14: 
    6th graders: 
    Tues. 1/15 - @recess
    Wed. 1/16 - @8:10am
    7th graders: 
    Mon. 1/14 @8:10am 
    Thurs. 1/17 @recess
    Extra Help: Week of 1/7:
    6th graders: 
    Recess 1/7, Monday
    Recess 1/10, Thursday
    7th graders: 
    Recess 1/9, Wednesday
    8:10am 1/10, Thursday
    Extra Help: Week we are back:
    6th graders: Recess 1/4 Friday
    7th graders: Recess 1/3 Th.
                             (help w/ WR #12)
    Extra Help: Week of 12/17:
    Due to  busy week of Chorus rehearsals, NH concert and Holiday parties, there is no scheduled extra help. It will be by appointment only, as needed.
    Extra Help: Week of 12/10:
    6th graders: 
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 12/11 @Recess
    WED. 12/12 @8:10am...added for Quiz!!
    Thurs. 12/13 @Recess
    Extra Help: Week of 12/3:
    6th graders: 
    Thurs. 12/6 @Recess 
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 12/4 @Recess
    Thurs. 12/6 @8:10am
    Extra Help: Week of 11/26:
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 11/28 @Recess
    Thurs. 11/29 @Recess 
    Fri. 11/30 @8:10am
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 11/27 @Recess
    Thurs. 11/29 @8:10am
    Extra Help: Week of 11/19:
    6th graders: 
    Tues. 11/20 - Period 5 
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 11/20 - Period 6
    Extra Help: Week of 11/12:
    6th graders: 
    Tues. 11/13 @Recess
    Wed. 11/14 Morning@8:10am (day of Quiz)
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 11/13 @recess
    Thurs.11/15 Morning@8:10am (day of Test)
    Extra Help: Week of 11/5:
    It is a short week!...
    only extra-help on Monday.
    Both 6th and 7th graders have a
    quiz on Mon. 11/5, so I will be available for questions for both grades on
    Mon. morning starting @8:10am.
    Extra Help: Week of 10/29:
    6th graders: 
    Tues. 10/30 Morning@8:10am
    Thurs. 11/1 @Recess
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 10/30 @recess
    Thurs. 11/1 Morning@8:10am 
    Extra Help: Week of 10/22:
    6th graders: 
    Thurs. 10/25 @Recess
    Fri. 10/26 Morning@8:10am (day of Test)
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 10/23 @recess
    Thurs. 10/25 Morning@8:10am 
    Extra Help: Week of 10/15:
    6th graders: 
    Wed. 10/17 @Recess
    Fri. 10/19 Morning@8:10am (day of Quiz)
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 10/16 @recess
    Thurs. 10/18 Morning@8:10am (day of Test)
    Extra Help: Week of 10/8:
    6th graders: 
    Thurs 10/11 @recess
    Fri. 10/12 @recess
    7th graders: 
    Wed. 10/10 @recess
    Thurs. 10/11 Morning @8:10am
    Extra Help: Week of 10/1:
    6th graders: 
    Tues. 10/2 @ recess
    Wed. 10/3 @recess
    Fri. 10/5 - morning @8:05am...BSQ day
    7th graders: 
    Tues. 10/2 @recess
    Wed. 10/3 - morning @8:05am...Quiz day
    Fri. 10/5 @recess



     Program that is being used is
    "Connected Math 3" 
     *Calculators can be left home for when needed for HW,
    I have a class set for when we use them in class (except on final exam day)*

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