Annie LoCascio
    6th grade Math Teacher

    ** Best way to contact me is through email **
    In general, please check RealTime REGULARLY!!!
    It has all required assignments...past, present and future.
    To access it properly, you need to go to:
    GradeBook > Math course name > and
    click on the yellow triangle to get details
    (this has assignment details and possible comments)
    Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year! 
    Extra HELP Schedule for week of 9/20
    • Wed. 9/22 @ 8:10am with Mrs. Lieberman in Room 38
    • Thursday 9/23 @ 8:10am with Mrs. LoCascio in Room 102
    • Friday 9/24 @ 8:10am with Mrs. LoCascio in room 102
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