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    Science! It's not just a subject -- it's an adventure!
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    Welcome to 6th grade science!  
    The best way to contact me is via email (link above), but you may also call and leave a message on my voice-mail. I strongly encourage students rather than parents to contact me whenever appropriate. You are in Middle School now and it is time to take charge of your own learning!

    Science Journal: 
    • Please make sure you have a composition style notebook to use for science class. No other style of notebook is acceptable! Bring it to class daily and do your work in this notebook unless directed otherwise. You will lose points off your grade if you do not use this style of notebook. 
    • The front cover should have (priminently written and easy to find!) your full name, science period, science code, and the word "science" on it (see illustration, below).
    • The first homework assignment (due Sept. 6th) is to decorate it. You can be as simple or as elaborate as you with. The decorations should symbolize science and/or YOU! (again, see illustration....)
    • If you run out of pages, please let me know. 
    • Science Journals will be graded periodically and without advance notice, so keep yours up-to-date and always bring it to class! Do not skip pages or add assignments out of order. Use BOTH sides of the page. Keep it neat!!
    science journal
    In addition, you should always have with you:
    • Fully charged Chromebook
    • headphones or earbuds
    • assignment pad 
    • operational pen and pencil (at least one of each!!!)
    Students who are unprepared for class will serve a 10 minute detention during recess.
    • USE PEN for quizzes, tests, and written work.
    • USE PENCIL for data tables, diagrams, drawings, graphs, calculations.

    The (very exciting) 6th grade science Curriculum:
    Brookside School, along with the other schools in the Quad District, follows the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science). These standards have been developed by the National Resource Council (NRC), National Science Teacher's Association (NSTA), The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and Achieve. They are process-driven, inquiry-based, student-centered standards which emphasize authentic learning and promote scientific literacy. Parents who are interested in learning more about these standards are encouraged to explore this link: NGSS
    In Grade 6, we will be exploring the following topics:
    Unit 1 - Force & Motion

    Unit 2 - Forms and Transfer of Energy 
    Unit 3 - Earth and its Place in the Universe
    Unit 4 - Earth's Systems 

    will be based on a variety of assessments, including daily homework, science journals, class participation, writing assignments, lab reports, quizzes, tests, and performance assessments.

    homework cartoonHomework Philosophy and Policy:
    Science homework is designed to reinforce concepts and/or prepare you for the next day's lesson. If you do not complete your homework, you are short-changing yourself. Not only will it impact your understanding of the topics we are learning, it will negatively affect your science grade.
     YOU are responsible for finding out your homework! Here are some strategies for making sure you always have your homework done:

    1. Write your hw in your assignment pad or type it in your Chromebook during class. It is always written on the board!
    2. Check this website on the page called "This Month in Science." The assignments are also posted in Genesis, and, where applicable, on Google Classroom, but you will find more detail and often helpful hints on the website.
    NOTE: If for whatever reason that these sites are not updated, such as computer malfunction, sudden illness, or possible alien abduction, homework is STILL DUE as scheduled! 
    3. Call, email, or text a friend --  or two or three, if you have no luck with the first one.
    IMPORTANT: Do your best! In order to get the points, you need to try. (In other words, don't try that old trick: "I couldn't understand it, so I didn't do it." If you can't show me that you made an effort, you will get a ZERO!)
    Tests and Quizzes - You will have at least one week advance notice for a quiz and 2 weeks notice for a test. Should you fail your quiz or test, you may do corrections (modeled after the math WIFs) to earn back points. The highest grade you can get is a 75% for doing a WIF. If you do it, you must follow the directions outlined on Google Classroom, including the following:
    Write in blue or black ink. on unripped lined paper. (No "fringe" from being torn from a notebook, either.)
    Use the correct Brookside heading (see below).
    Skip a line after the heading and between each answer.
    Number your answers the way the quiz or test was numbered.
    Write in complete sentences that indicate you understand the science concepts.
    Write so clearly that I should not have to go back and look at the original question in order to understand it.
    HEADING (on the LINES, not up in the margin!):
    Name (first and last)                                                                          Date
    Science                                                                                   Period X - #Y
                                                      QUIX Z WIF
    X = your Period on A Days
    Y = your science code
    Z = the number of the quiz
    IF YOU ARE ABSENT! You are STILL responsible not only for your homework, but for anything you missed in class that day. Here are some strategies:

    Genesis will list graded assignments, but you must ALWAYS check "This Month on Science" for the day(s) you missed and follow the instructions under, "If you were absent today." If you can't find it right away, SCROLL DOWN! 

    Feel free to e-mail me with your questions. 
    If you need more extensive assistance, email or see me to arrange a time to come in for Extra Help. Usually the best time is during recess.
    NOTE: Please don't try to tell me something like this at the beginning of class! This is not a good time to talk to me as we need to get everyone settled so we can start class promptly. Wait for the opportune moment! (e.g., when I am circulating the room -- checking hw or just checking in with you, when everyone is doing independent work, or even during group work if your group can spare you for a few minutes.)
    ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: I will ALWAYS enter a zero in Genesis for missed work, even if you were absent. If your absence is excused, (e.g., sickness), you have as many days to make up the work as you were absent. When the work is submitted, I will replace the zero. If you don't make up the work in the required time, the zero will remain. I will not chase you down to make up your work! It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what you missed, make it up, and submit it to me as per the directions.
    If your absence is unexcused, homework is due on schedule!
    This is also true if you miss class due to Band!!!!!
    • For long-term assignments worth > 6 points points, one point will be deducted from your grade each day it is late, unless there are unusual circumstances.
    • For daily homework assignments worth 6 points or less, if it is one day late it is half credit. If it is 2 days late, no credit. This is consistent with the policies of the other 6th grade teachers. 
    Extra Help: After school or at recess when mutually convenient, by prior arrangement.

     Google Classroom codes:

    Period 1- mcq5pvz

    Period 2- g50dy7f

    Period 3- dhyhoh

    Period 7- 721gjf

    Period 8- ud2n7s

    Period 9- 27ffp6u


    "The most exciting phrase to hear in science,
    the one that heralds new discoveries,
    is not 'Eureka!'
    'Hmm, that’s funny'…”
    ~ Isaac Asimov