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School Dismissal Procedures

April 2, 2019
Dear Parents,
We have noticed increased disregard by some for our parking lot protocols, which is making school dismissal ever more challenging and unsafe. At dismissal time, parking is at a premium and visibility can be limited with so many vehicles on campus. The Allendale Police can ticket your vehicle if it is illegally parked. Drivers are to park in designated parking spaces only.
  • Never park in a crosswalk or fire zone or areas marked off with striped or yellow curbing or No Parking signage.
  • Drivers should never double park, regardless of location, purpose or duration. This prevents staff members and other parents from vacating their parking spaces.
  • Avoid parking in spaces reserved for people with disabilities and/or parking spaces assigned to specific staff members or individuals.
  • Always cross school roadways at our marked crosswalks, and stop and stay stopped for pedestrians in these areas.
We ask that you share these protocols with caregivers who might be present during pickup from school. Above all, please exercise caution and patience at all times for the safety of our children. Thank you for your cooperation.
Anastasia Maroulis