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Brookside School Photo Day

Brookside Picture Day

Brookside Picture Day is on September 24. This will only be for in-person students and 8th grade virtual students.  Virtual students in grades 4-7 will be invited for the make-up day TBD. 
*8th graders, this picture is the Yearbook picture. Pictures will be taken outside, one class at a time, with students socially distanced. The pictures will be individual pictures; no group class picture this year.  The only time a child will have a mask off is for the actual few seconds of the picture, and the child will be fully distanced from all others.  Pictures will be taken during normal in-school class time. 
Virtual 8th graders will be allowed to come during the period of 11:45 to 12:15PM for their yearbook picture. If you plan on coming you must RSVP to Masks are required to enter the building.
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Picture Day Flyer 2020